Daylight. Dragonfly and Red tulip-

The Dragonfly and The Red Tulip combined in one book. The title, Daylight, is inspired by a hybrid tulip of the “Kaufmanniana” type, a fascinating flower of a brilliant red colour, with a yellow nuance at its base. It blooms early and opens with a shine when the sunrays reach it. The author, Lisa Di Giovanni, with this collection compares her complete literary production and among compositions that talk about life, feelings and love, there are in contrast even stories that are different and set in diverse time, but with one leitmotif: love. It’s a varied book and among poems, stories and considerations, the poetess travels a path where, through her inner exploration, she communicates with herself and her soul, in order to bring to the surface a determined self, through her words one can discover the hidden sides of the men and women of this century. The writer touches universal themes, asks questions, rids herself of the masks and between one verse and the other, she faces change.

Poems and stories

The cold winter in the heart

is a temporary illusion

seasons change

and sooner or later

the sun shines again.

  • Love

    Shroud the heart with desire…
    Your soul tightened by the fire of inspiration wants to immortalize the moment of love.

    Blood flows in the veins the dream lights up in one’s eyes and one flies in the universe without a destination in a limbo of never-ending pleasure where the day does not give way to the night in the background a chorus of souls overwhelmed by regret.
    The passion is never extinguished, the thirst is never quenched, time never passes just two souls, just two bodies only a passion…
    In the infinite feeling dies down desire abates, bodies become yellow.

    Where is the true love then? When is there the true love? When waters slow down after the storm
    and the fire becomes ash then it is love.
    When two souls do not sparkle like lightning bolts and excitement becomes customary then it is love.
    When everything is switched off and eyes can see through darkness then it is love.
    When one travels, one explores the universe and there are no emotions of the flesh then it is love.
    When one does not try to change the breaths and accepts them as they are then it is love.
    Then it is love.

  • Tulband

    The tulip tells us that it’s springtime

    even before the snow disappears.

    It’s the flower of sublime love

    the true and unconditional love.

    The tulip is the flower that is most similar

    to the uniqueness of human beings

    for better or worse.

  • Passion

    Your lingering taste

    I look outside and it’s raining

    through the reflection of a window

    the images of our kisses get closer

    I surrender to your desirous lips

    they are soft and willing

    they leave your lingering taste

    even as I close my eyes

    and the night draws in.

    Then our hands intertwine, touch

    hot and cold

    Sun and Moon

    passion and sweetness.

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